Personal Life Coach

One of the most popular reasons for hiring a life coach is to aid your own personal development. As a professional Leicester life coach, I provide one-on-one coaching to people from all walks of life, looking to make changes in their personal life that will help them achieve their goals.

What can a personal life coach do for you?

Personal life coaching is a transformative process that, so long as you commit to the process, can make an enormous difference to your personal life and personal growth. During your sessions with me, we will target the key areas that will assist you in becoming the best you can be.

Setting goals

A fundamental aspect of personal life coaching is deciding who you want to be, what you want to achieve, and how to go about it. With my assistance, you will learn how to set realistic goals that will improve your personal life. More importantly, you will learn how to break those goals down in achievable steps, giving you something concrete to work towards.

Personal development

Fulfilling those mini-goals isn’t just about moving towards the big change you have in mind – they have value on their own. As we work together on your personal development plan, I will help you develop some key skills that can boost your confidence, reduce your anxiety, help you focus on what you want, and more.

Lifestyle changes

Sometimes it isn’t a question of just setting a goal and heading towards it. There are times when you need to change aspects of your lifestyle if you want to get the transformation you need. This could be a physical change, like a new exercise regime, or a mental change, like learning to say ‘no’ when people ask you for a favour.

A new you

Personal life coaching affects more than just your private life. Your improved confidence and personal empowerment will impact on others around you. They will be able to see the change in you and your disposition. This will include friends, family, work colleagues, bosses, and more. Indeed, many of the skills you learn with my personal life coaching are directly transferable to your work life.