Frequently Asked Questions

A life coach is someone that works with you to establish achieveable goals that help to improve your life.

Life coaches can help in a variety of areas including personal, professional, and business goals. They can assist with building confidence to develop relationships and achieve career goals, as well health and wellbeing issues such as stress reductions and weight loss.

Life coaches use proven techniques to empower their clients and provide them with all the tools and knowledge they need to achieve the goals they set. A life coach won’t tell you what to do; by asking the right questions, they will help you to discover the answers yourself and then agree goals.

A good life coach will act as a mentor, consultant, and guide. They will support you through your journey to discover your strengths and make positive changes in your life.

A life coach will ask a variety of questions to better understand your current needs and requirements, so they can help to set targets to create change in your life. Some questions they may ask include what are your current fears, what type of life do you envision for yourself, what things in your life make you happy, what you define as success and what do you want to accomplish in the next year.

There are a wide range of websites and directories that help you to find a life coach online. It’s worth reviewing this information to find the life coach that’s right for you.

Life coaching sessions usually last an hour. If you have any questions between sessions, you’ll be able to contact your life coach by email or text.

Coaching sessions usually take place at our premises in Leicester, however, due to social distancing, we are now also offering them by telephone or Zoom.