Business Management

Whether you own the company, or manage a team, having responsibility for other people’s performance and development can weigh heavily on your shoulders. Here at Leicester Life Coach, I provide management coaching for business professionals from every industry sector.

What can a business coach do for you?

Business coaching and life coaching are not so far apart. Both focus on what you want to achieve and both involve putting together a practical and realistic plan to do so. A business management coach can help you develop the essential skills needed to get the most out of your team as well as yourself.

Career progression & realising potential

If you work in a competitive business, you’re always looking for ways to put yourself ahead of the pack. With business coaching, you can set yourself realistic and achievable goals that help you do just that.

First 100 days in a new role

Whether you’re a new manager or founding a business start-up, the first 100 days play a crucial role in your future success. As your business coach, I can help you compartmentalise these early days, developing a structure and a plan action to get things off to the best start.

Presentation skills

Presentation skills – whether speaking publicly at a conference, or privately in a board meeting – are an important attribute to the modern businessman. I can teach you practical techniques to improve your public speaking and engage your audience.

Managing business relationships

From internal relationships between teams to relationships with suppliers, buyers, and other business partners, knowing how to speak to people professionally is an important tool in business. Fortunately, it is a tool that can be taught.

Leading a team or project

Being a team leader requires more than simply being good at your job – you need to be good with people, too. As a professional life coach, there are many little skills I can teach you that will help. They will give you the confidence and gravitas to deliver the greatest personal impact as head of your project or team.

Work-life balance

However far-reaching your business goals, it is crucial that they are tempered with a fulfilling personal life. Business coaching can help you strike the work-life balance that works for you, by giving you the authority and the confidence to know when to draw the line.