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How to Cope With Nerves on Your First Life Coaching Session

For many people who are considering life coaching, or if you are about to attend your first life coaching session, it’s an entirely normal reaction to experience a cluster of emotions, like scepticism, doubt, nerves and fear before starting. We all share a sense of dread when we are about to attend a new place, a new situation, and opening up to a stranger.

These many factors will inevitably contribute to your feelings of nerves. But don’t worry, it’s not only regular, but it’s also expected. So why do such emotions get the best of us beforehand? Below may be some reasons for this:

Why do we experience nerves early?

  • Personal life and privacy concerns: You may have underlying worries about your matters being shared out in the open. You might be worried that your life coach will casually tell someone about your conversations. This is understandable, especially for younger clients, but worry not because life coaches are strictly professional and relaying information from clients is strictly forbidden on the job.
  • You are ashamed to seek help: Let’s face it, none of us wants to admit that we have life problems that are unsolvable without professional guidance. This situation is more common for men, but in general, most people would prefer to solve their inner struggles without relying on other people. However, when you can’t do that independently, it’s completely fine to reach out to a life coach. Not only will they understand, but they will do their best to make you feel comfortable whilst they help you.
  • You’re afraid of opening up: This is more relevant for introverted clients, shy people or anyone with social anxiety. The idea of opening up to a stranger about your life challenges and problems can be stress-inducing, and this is a valid reaction. Disclosing personal information is no easy feat, but after overcoming that hurdle on your first session, the following appointments will be much easier. Meeting your life coach regularly will feel like meeting up with your close friends.

Solutions and methods to combat your nerves:

Admitting that you are feeling nervous beforehand is already a significant step to alleviate your nerves since many people deny this issue and make things much worse. Addressing your concerns with a close friend or a family member you trust is another great way to start your first visit. In some cases, it is possible to consult with your life coach by email or phone call and ask them what to expect during the first session.

Your life coach will put you at ease and make you feel better. Knowing what to expect during your first life coaching session will undoubtedly reduce your stress levels. Additionally, telling your life coach about your nerves is a natural way to build a stronger therapeutic relationship and solidify trust in each other.

If you’re looking for someone to help in your battle against life struggles and personal turmoils, our life coach at Leicester is a great resource. Our friendly life coaches will help you better understand your situation, hold you accountable, and track your progress along the way.

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