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What Questions Does a Life Coach Ask? / What to Expect From a Life Coach

It is natural to question if we are making the most of our life at some point. Are we merely living life by ear? Sometimes we are unaware of being complacent even when our life is in a stagnant position.

Whether this is a passing curiosity or a burden that you want to alleviate, it can be confusing. Don’t worry since this is a natural thing that most people experience. Consulting with a professional life coach can answer most of the passing questions in your thoughts.

What to expect from a life coach

Speaking with a life coach will assess the issues, doubts, and stress in your daily life and provide you with the best solutions to ensure that you move forward with ease. A life coach will identify the achievements you want to attain and ensure that you work efficiently to meet your goals. Additionally, they will keep track of your progress and motivate you to press on. Having a life coach will ensure that you don’t quit half-way or dilly dally in the process and thus hold you accountable for your actions.

To get you started, here are some example questions that a life coach will ask you.

What do you need most right now?

This is a favourite question because it encourages a person to visualise and realise what to prioritise first. The most crucial aspect of your life needs immediate attention. Time is constrained and limited, so asking this question allows you to focus on essential matters and diverting matters that aren’t as important.

What happens if you don’t take action?

A common question for clients. When asked this question, a life coach can deduce the client’s position and analyse the best solution to reach their goals. It also brings up a person’s roadblocks, personal challenges, and doubts to the surface. Whilst this can be daunting, it’s a necessary step to overcome your hurdles.

Can you tell me more?

Expect to answer this question many times. The phrase “tell me more” is an excellent follow-up question to a life coach’s previous question. It is a versatile follow-up question to expand on the matter at hand. It might seem repetitive when asked multiple times, but a life coach genuinely means it when asking their client. It signals their curiosity, and it allows the client to open up and express their thoughts freely. It can also be a helpful method to dig deeper to find the best solutions.

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