What is a Holistic Life Coach?

Holistic is one of those words that comes with a lot of baggage. Often applied to alternative medicine and pseudoscience such as homoeopathy and crystal healing, the word itself is not intrinsically linked to those sorts of practices.

A holistic approach simply means approaching a problem as an entire unit, rather than in its constituent parts. In the alternative medicine example above – holistic healing means looking after one’s mental and spiritual well-being as much as any physical ailments.

Holistic life coaching takes much the same approach. It is, of course, certainly possible to hire a life coach to deal with your health, or your career, or your personal life, if one of those is your major concern. By taking a holistic approach to the problem, your life coach will argue that each of these issues is interlinked and should be tackled together for maximum benefit.

There is much to be said about this philosophy. For instance, if you have problems losing weight, that might certainly be a physical concern. However, it might be rooted elsewhere. Overeating is often linked to self-esteem issues, deflection, compulsive behaviour, and even addiction transfer.

While your life coach cannot be expected to diagnose the root cause, by taking a holistic approach to the problem, the can offer new ways to achieve your goal, rather than centring on the most obvious one.

As well as tackling multiple possible causes for a problems, holistic life coaching also offers a way to deal with several issues at once. By dealing with things as an all-encompassing unit, rather than a collection of separate milestones, it is possible to set multiple goals to overcome multiple concerns. This isn’t just a case of multi-tasking for the sake of it. The very premise of holistic life coaching is that improvements in one aspect of your life will be reflected in others.

Whether you believe in the holistic life coaching approach, or you prefer to overcome one challenge at a time, this new way of thinking is certainly something worth considering.

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