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What is a Personal Life Coach?

Life coaching, as a profession, is a relatively new discipline, having risen to prominence in the 1980s. Despite having a history that spans nearly four decades, it’s still one of those roles that seems ill-defined by the public at large.

What exactly is a personal life coach? Well, that’s something we hope to be able to explore.

It helps to take things backwards at first, and to concentrate on the ‘coach’ part of the job description. If we think of coaching in its more familiar sense of a sports coach or a business coach, we start getting closer to what a personal life coach is.

A coach is someone who helps and encourages you to achieve your full potential. It’s a role that is broad enough to encompasses any aspect of day-to-day life, while also having a very specific remit.

Consider a sports coach. They are not training the team, as such. They are not managing the team. They are not playing on the team. Their job is to apply an holistic approach to the team they are coaching. They identify obstacles and develop techniques to overcome them. A sports coach must provide moral support, encouragement, guidance and, above all practical advice.

A personal life coach is no different.

If you choose to partner with a personal life coach, then you already know that your life needs direction. Your personal life coach can help to deliver that. Or, more accurately, they can help you deliver that to yourself.

The role of a personal life coach is all about setting goals and achieving change. We’re not concerned with your past, only with your future. We help you to identify the things you want in life and then set out your own, personal road map to reach each of those things.

No two clients want the same thing – there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to setting and achieving goals. That is what makes the personal life coach’s role so unique. There are certain techniques we can apply to get you heading in the right direction, but the journey itself belongs to you.

We just provide you with the map.

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