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I am professional life coach in Leicester and I’m proud of my long-time association with the city. I provide life coaching sessions to clients here in Leicester, as well as Loughborough, Derby, Nottingham, and the surrounding areas.

As an holistic life coach and mentor, I cater to all my clients’ coaching needs, helping them become the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Personal Life Coaching

Personal life coaching is a transformative process that affects more than just your private life. Your improved confidence and personal empowerment will impact on others around you. 

Business Life Coaching

Whether you’re a business owner, a manager, or an employee, there is always something you can be doing to improve your prospects in the workplace.

What is a life coach?

The role of a life coach is simple. I aim to guide and assist my clients with their essential life skills. This includes helping them to set their own goals – be they personal, professional or both – as well as providing them with the confidence, motivation, and life management skills to meet those goals.

How can life coaching help?

There are many ways that life coaching can help you. As every client has different needs, goals, and desires, so each life coaching session I deliver is tailored to meet them. I can act as life and business coach, depending on what you want to get out of our sessions.

Life coaching can help you with both your personal life and your business life, offering great opportunities for personal and professional growth. It can help you increase your confidence and your motivation, help you set realistic and attainable goals, and so much more.

Above all, life coaching is transformational – it helps you become the person you’ve always wanted to be by drawing a map to get there.

Is life coaching right for you?

If you’ve chosen to visit this site, then I assume life coaching is something you are considering. In my experience, this is a good sign that you might benefit from it. Like so many things that are beneficial to you, you only ever get out of life coaching sessions that which you are prepared to put in. If you feel that your private or personal life needs direction, if you know where you want to be, but need someone to guide you in the right direction, then life coaching could be the ideal solution for you.

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